Zircomet zirconium based raw materials are used in Lithium ion battery technology in both NMC (Lithium, Nickel, Manganese, cobalt oxide) cathode materials and also new Solid State Electrolytes (SSE).

In NMC cathodes the zirconium oxide dopant improves temperature resistance, power density and the aging cycle.

In All Solid State Battery (ASSB) technology the Solid State Electrolyte provides the potential for considerable benefits with reduced battery size, reduced charge time and increased range. There are also safety improvements with less chance of fire risk. These are all factors which will help widespread EV adoption.

The 3 main technology paths for electrolyte materials are polymers, oxides and sulphides. The oxide materials have shown greater thermal stability. Examples of the oxide solid state electrolytes are Lithium lanthanum zirconium oxide (LLZO) and Lithium lanthanum zirconium tantalum oxide (LLZTO)

Zircomet supplies high purity, chemically precipitated monoclinic zirconium oxide powders with tight control on particle size distribution for thermal, solid state reactions. Zircomet also supplies precursor materials for co-precipitation process technology.

Zircomet will also collaborate with customers to provide bespoke zirconium oxide powders or mixed oxide powders. For further information please contact us.

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