Zircomet zirconium oxide powders for Lithium-ion battery applications

Zircomet zirconium oxides are finding increased application in developing Lithium ion battery technologies. This is in both existing NMC (Lithium, Nickel, Manganese, cobalt oxide) cathode materials and also new All Solid State Batteries (ASSB)

In NMC cathodes the zirconium oxide dopant improves the temperature resistance, power density and aging cycle. 

In All Solid State Battery technology the Solid State Electrolyte (SSE) provides both performance and safety improvements. The 3 main technology paths for electrolyte materials are polymers, oxides and sulphides. Examples of oxide solid state electrolytes are Lithium Lanthanum zirconium oxide (LLZO) and Lithium Lanthanum zirconium tantalum oxide (LLZTO).

Zircomet supplies high purity, chemical precipitated, monoclinic zirconium oxide which are fine grade and reactive powders. Zircomet can offer standard powders or powders produced to specific customer requirements.

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Date : 03-01-2024

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