Stabilised Fused Zirconias

Monoclinic zirconium oxide can be restricted in its applications due to the phase transformations it undergoes during heating. These phase transformations lead to changes in volume resulting in structural cracking and failure. These phase alterations can be controlled by the addition of dopants known as stabilisers. Once stabilised, zirconia can be used in applications running at temperatures in excess of 2200 degrees centigrade. Zircomet offers a range of stabilised fused zirconia powders.

Fused zirconium oxide can be stabilised during the fusion process by the addition of stabilisers such as yttria, magnesia and calcia. After fusion the material is crushed and milled to different particle sizes. Zircomet Limited supplies a range of YSZ, MgSZ and CaSZ powders with particle size distributions produced for specific applications or to customer specification.

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