Zirconium forms part of new liquid metal alloy

Turing Robotic Industries are launching a new Android phone in July which has a frame made from a new material called "Liquidmorphium". This is referred to as a liquid metal which is in actual fact an amorphous alloy of Zirconium, Copper, Aluminium, Nickel and Silver.

The new alloy has a very high strength, infact it is stronger than Aluminium, Steel and Titanium and is also cheaper and more efficient to produce than Titanium. The strength of this material makes it very difficult to bend and therefore addresses the bending issues that came to the front last year with the iphone 6.

The first phone to use this material in the handset housing will be an Android phone but it is thought the iphone 7 may make greater use of Liquidmorphium.


The new Turing Android phone with liquid metal housing for added strength


Zircomet Ltd is a specialist supplier of zirconium based raw materials for high tech industry, this includes high purity zirconium crystal bar, zirconium oxides and zirconium chemicals.

Date : 01-06-2016

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