Zircon Reference Price

In 2015 Iluka Resources, the leading producer of zircon sand, introduced a Zircon Reference Price which is a bench mark for all their zircon products. The price is on terms of DAT China warehouse and has been introduced in an effort to give more transparency in the pricing of zircon based products. Iluka then provides a 'net' price for customers based on the product quality, location, delivery method etc.

In 2015 the average Zircon Reference Price was USD1105/mt DAT China, while for the first half of 2016 it has averaged at USD950/mt. Iluka announced on the 1st July the price would be increased by USD60/mt to USD1010/mt for Q3 2016.

Following an Iluka sales peak of 515,000mts of zircon in 2011 sales have reduced to a stable yearly average of 350,000mts a year over the last 3 years. Demand has been steady in China and down in the US, due to the subdued steel industry, while Europe has seen a healthy up turn led by the Italian and Spanish ceramics industries.

The outlook for Zircon pricing over the rest of 2016 is steady at around USD1000/mt DAT China warehouse. This will lead to stable pricing of zirconium chemicals and zirconium oxide for the remainder of 2016.

Zircon sand is the starting raw material for the majority of zirconium chemicals and zirconium oxides

Date : 18-07-2016

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