Zircon sand supply 2019

Supply-demand for zircon sand is to remain in structural deficit in 2019 with tightness in supply and a positive demand outlook. A number of existing mines have reached maturity and between 2016-218 any reduction in output has been supplemented by high inventory levels which are now depleted.

Iluka Resources, the largest producer of zircon sand, has reported their output over the next 3 years will be a consistent 335ktpa with 2 new projects coming on stream during 2019. Iluka has said they will be evaluating new deposits but they must meet a stringent rationale for development.

Iluka has said they will closely monitor pricing next year, mindful of the negative effect high prices had on industry back in 2011 when zircon sand reached levels of >USD2500/mt. They have said prices will reflect market conditions, customer capacity to pay and their own sustainable returns. The price of zircon is currently USD1500/mt and there will likely be some upward pressure on this during 2019.

Zircon sand is the starting raw material for the majority of zirconium chemicals and zirconium oxides meaning these products are likely to have firm and possible upward pricing pressure during 2019.


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Date : 23-11-2018

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