Q1 2021 sees prices increase for zirconium based materials

A number of factors has led to an industry wide increase in zirconium product pricing during Q1 of 2021. The main zircon sand producers, Iluka Resources and RBM, have increased prices by USD 70/mt to USD1350-1400/mt CIF China port. The increase in zircon sand pricing and also other chemicals used in the processing of zirconium produces has led to product price increases of between 10-15% over the last few months. This upward pressure has also been supported by strong demand and high freight rates due to shipping congestion out of China. The strong demand and upward pricing pressure is expected to continue in Q2 2021.

Zircon sand is the starting raw material for the majority of zirconium products, including zirconium oxychloride, zirconium basic carbonate, zirconium hydroxide and zirconium oxide.


Date : 30-03-2021

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