Shipping congestion issues continue in Q2 2021

Hundreds of vessels have been delayed since the Suez canal blockage, causing congestion in most European ports, including the UK.

There will be serious congestion at all China ports disrupting eastbound and westbound service, however, problems are not yet hitting as vessels delayed by the Suez have still not returned - the real impact will occur in May. A lack of empty containers getting back to Asia is leading to severe equipment shortage.

With a surge in US imports from Asia during March and April, there is increased congestion in both east and west coast ports.

It is expected the worst of the equipment shortage and vessel capacity problems will be felt globally during May and June, with some improvement in July. Delays of 14 days can be expected on transit times and a continued increase in freight rates during this time.

Woodland Global

Date : 04-05-2021

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