Zircon sand price stabilises at Q3 2022 levels

Iluka Resources benchmark Zircon Sand price remains the same for Q4 as it was during Q3 2022 at USD 2300/mt CIF China port. Production levels are down as well as inventory levels in the supply chain, however there has been continued weak demand in the ceramics sector, particularly the real estate industry in China, which is the largest market for Zircon Sand. On the back of weaker demand it is expected that Iluka will hold their price for Q1 2023 at the same level. Pricing for downstream zirconium products; such as zirconium oxychloride, zirconium basic carbonate and zirconium oxide, will stabilise and reduce slightly over the next 6 months in line with raw material costs.

Zircon sand is the starting raw material for the majority of zirconium chemicals, including zirconium oxychloride, zirconium basic carbonate and zirconium oxide

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Date : 24-10-2022

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