As part of our strategy, Zircomet has the following environmental objectives...

REACH Implementation

Zircomet has actively monitored and taken the necessary actions since the inception of REACH in 2007 to ensure we have met our REACH obligations at all times.

Re-purposing of secondary materials or waste product containing zirconium units

There is a far greater scope for the zirconium industry to use re-purpose secondary or waste products that contain zirconium units. Please see our recycling section for further details.

Biodiversity / Restoration and rehabilitation

Zircomet refines and distributes materials and while we are not directly involved in the mining of heavy mineral sands we are conscious of the impact the mining of these raw materials can have on the landscape if not managed well by the mining company. Zircomet supports a number of biodiversity, rehabilitation and wildlife organisations around the world. These projects are not directly related to our industry however they are supporting organisations with proven success in biodiversity.

Organisations We Support

Fauna and Floral International


Zircomet Ltd is a life member of Fauna and Floral International, a conservation charity and non governmental organization based in Cambridge, UK. With 140 projects in 40 countries throughout Africa, Central and South America and South East Asia, their mission is to conserve threatened species and ecosystems worldwide, choosing solutions that are sustainable, based on sound science and take into account human needs.



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