Iluka Resources increases Q3 2017 reference price for zircon sand

Iluka Resources have announced they will be increasing their zircon sand reference price by USD 130/mt from the 1st July 2017 to USD 1100/mt CIF China.

The Reference Price is the benchmark against which a range of Iluka zircon sand products are priced. Iluka's average price varies from this depending on the grade, contract, product mix, sales channel and region the material is supplied to.

As a supplier of around 40% of the global output of zircon sand, Iluka has a significant influence on the market price of zircon sand. With these controlled price increases, and a general tightness in supply of zircon sand, we are seeing continued upward price pressure for zirconium chemicals and zirconium oxides.


ZIRCOMET Ltd is a global supplier of zirconium based products, including zirconium oxide and yttria zirconia, used in technically demanding applications. The majority of zirconium products are refined from zircon sand.



Date : 12-06-2017

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