Business Model

Collaboration with our suppliers and customers is at the core of our business model, with the goal of providing a focused and reactive service to all our partners and develop long term alliances.

The zirconium industry is disjointed with regard to the location of resources, added value processing and end use applications. With over 15 years experience, Zircomet has an extensive knowledge in all aspects of the zirconium industry and is well position to serve the needs of its global customers and provide the necessary supply chain solution.

When strategic purchasing and supply security is of paramount importance, Zircomet provides its customers with flexibility and choice in their raw material sourcing. Choice of raw material origin, product quality, stock holding location and delivery terms are tailored to meet individual customer needs.

Zircomet works with suppliers in China, Africa and the USA to secure the right quality raw materials for its own added value processes in the UK as well as finished products for its global customers.

Zircomet has warehouse facilities in the UK, USA and Asia to enable it to provide a high level of service and respond quickly to customer needs.


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